General Admission - Playground

Toddler, Great Escape, Langley, BC

Children - 4 years and up         -  $12
Toddlers - 3 and under              -  $8
Infants not yet 1 year old        - No Charge
 (when there is at least one paying child or toddler)

Adults One Per Child                - No Charge
Extra Adults                                 - $6 each

All sizes available $2.99

SOCKS MUST BE WORN In our playground
 (children & adults)


Special Activities:

Mini Golf, Indoor, Langley

Laser tag                                 $8 each 

Indoor Mini Golf                   $8 each

Air Trek                                   $8 each 
Air Trek Speed Challenge $4 each
Maximum 5 minutes

3 Pack of Activities              $18




Running Shoes are required
to be worn for
"Air Trek" and "Laser Tag"

No boots, flip flops or slip-ons permitted.

Min. 4 ft in height required to participate in Air Trek.



Power Up Game Cards & Gift Cards:

Power Up Game Cards - $5 & up
Purchase a $20 Game Card - Receive a BONUS $5 in-game play
Purchase a $50 Game Card – Receive a BONUS $15 in-game play
The Great Escape Gift Cards - $5 & up



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Laser Tag, Great Escape, Langley