Let us first say that this is not your average indoor playground!

With your general play admission to The Great Escape you have the opportunity to experience our unique state of the art activities including:

Jungle Playground
Experience all 3 levels with over 50 different elements including:

  • Turbo Side by Slide
  • Lave Drop Slide
  • Rainbow Slide
  • Elbow Slide
  • Active-8 interactive floor
  • Elwood - 3D Forest Tree Climb
  • Spinning log
  • Trolley slide
  • 3D gorilla, ant and lady bug spheres
  • Swinging Suspension bridges
  • Clear Tunnel Sky Walk
  • Pod Clubhouse
  • Clear bottom bridge  & SO much more

Ballistics Arena

Go Ballistics in our ballistic ball shooter zone, load your soft “nerf style” balls and shoot the other team before they get you first!

Toddlers Zone

  • An experience for 3 years and under and their parents only
  • Features soft hands on play experiences
  • Slides
  •  Climbs
  • Play event panels
  • Interactive panel
  • Bright and colourful soft stuff play activities
  • Carpeted play area
  • Large screen TV & Much more

Active- 8 Interactive Floor

  • Partic ipate in this state of the art interactive fame floor
  • Educational and Fun
  • Wonderous sights, sounds & play experience


I really liked the special "Toddler" area.... Manjeet

"Children's Directory" commented: "We love the Ballistic Ball Room and the Lava Drop slide! If you are in the Langley area definitely stop by the Great Escape for some fun!"

"My 8 month old had a great time there on Friday! He loved the baby area! thanks! and my 27 year old brother had a ball...."....Andrea

"We've been to the Great Escape many times and have always had great experiences".... Jennifer
"our grade 6 class from Cultus Lake Elementary enjoyed an  All Night Party there, all the parents thank you "